Parenting Styles

how-to-be-a-parentparentingIf you have read this book, then one of the things that will strike you the most is the bond shared by Atticus, a single parent, and his children, Scout and Jim. Most of the lines are memorable, and express a lot about parenting, with immense simplicity. True parenting is about sharing a bond that provides the right amount of affection and love unconditionally, and instills a sense of responsibility and humanity in your offspring.

It is about respecting your kids, and teaching them the essentials of life in a way that doesn’t seem didactic. It is being the child’s friend and mentor, without one role overpowering the other. Parenting is one of the most fulfilling and yet, one of the most difficult tasks in life. Every parent deals with his/her child in their individual way, yet a parenting style is always evident within each one’s pattern of action.

Authoritarian parenting style is the one in which the parents always try to be in control of their kids. Usually, these are the sorts who try to impose rigid rules and restrictions on

Parenting Teenagers

5-tips-for-raising-teenagers-parents-daughterTeenage life is a difficult time for adolescents who are not kids anymore but have a long way to go before they turn into responsible adults. The hormones run wild, peer pressure builds up, and almost everyday they have to be on the lookout for many unseen dangers and risks that threaten to take away the golden days of their lives and leave a permanent scar on their impressionable minds. Drugs, violence, peer pressure, alcohol, sex, etc., there are so many things that parents of teens need to worry about.

Starting Early

The first rule of parenting a teenager is trying to relate to his/her actions by drawing upon your personal experiences of being a teen. Try to establish a strong bond with your child right from the beginning. Encourage your child to express his/her feelings clearly in order to create an open and healthy atmosphere at home. Never suppress your child’s emotions and questions. Instead, try to answer your child’s queries to build a bond, wherein your child can come home and share all his/her experiences with you without any

Tips Parenting Teenage Boys

34805-fatherandson-1200w-tnWatching your innocent son slowly transform into a blooming teenager can be fascinating and, at the same time, challenging. It is an equally difficult time for the teenagers too. An oft experienced scenario in homes, which have teenage boys is that the boys tend to withdraw, emotionally, socially, and physically. They go to their rooms, close the doors, turn on the stereo, and emerge only when they want, or think they have gotten over whatever they wanted. In today’s day and age, teenage boys are changing in far more serious ways, including drinking and drugs, aggressive behavior, reckless driving, and more.

Understanding the Teenage Years
As a boy approaches his teens, there are a lot of changes taking place within him. These are both, biological as well as psychological. His behavior and ways of thinking, talking, feeling, and reacting to certain situations, also tend to undergo a drastic change at this juncture. He wants to take risks, solve his own problems, initiate social interaction, and also start dating or express himself individually. In short, he wants

Summer Safety Tips for Children

Summer heralds a great time for kids. The outdoors become their playground and their general frolicking about is a given. But while summer might be a great time for your kids, the outdoors might hold some dangers for them. It therefore becomes imperative that you take care of what the kids are doing out there. How many of you know about summer safety tips to keep children safe, for example? Not many. For all you know, they might end up doing something that might be putting them in grave degrees of danger. In order to prevent a mishap from happening later, it is better if you are well acquainted with some safety tips. These safety rules will help you be better prepared for any situation and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your kids are safe out there.

Playground Safety Tips

When sending the kids out to play, keep the following outdoor safety tips in mind.

Adult Supervision
Adult supervision is one of the best methods to prevent any mishaps from happening. An adult being present on the scene can not only keep a close eye on the child, but the child has someone to call out to

Baby Safety Information

The safety and protection of your baby is not only your duty and responsibility, but also a job that you willingly signed up for and swore to do to the best of your abilities. And while you might solemnly believe that all you need is your own alertness, a lot of love and care for your baby, the truth is that you, as a new parent could do with some baby safety tips that will help you to better your attempts to provide a safe and secure environment for your little one. This Buzzle article will help you out with some such practical tips that you can keep in mind.

Baby Safety While At Home
Your home may be your safe heaven, but here is where most accidents are waiting to happen. In order to ensure that your child is well protected from the possible dangers within your home, go through the following safety tips.

  • Never leave the baby unattended, especially when he’s in the turning over phase at the age of 3 to 4 months. He could tumble out of a bed.
  • When in the crib, make sure that the handle bars rise above the head of the

How To Childproof A Balcony

Children live in their own fantasy world and are seldom bothered by the happenings around them. They are so engrossed in their lively routine that they are not really aware of their safety and security. Parents have to keep an eye on them to ensure their kids stay away from danger.

If you live in a flat that has a balcony, and have kids or toddlers who play there, childproofing the balcony should be downright essential. We will look at some ways to childproof a balcony in the following part.

Steps to Childproof Your Balcony

Even though you ensure that your child won’t go alone to the balcony, do some kind of fencing to make it childproof because you never know when a situation might occur where you won’t even get time to think, and your child might meet an accident. I do not want to scare you but you should realize the need to childproof the balcony. Let me suggest some options for childproofing your balcony, and then we will look at steps to install a fence or a protective covering over your balcony. There are three types of protective shields that are popularly used to make a

How to Choose a Play Yard for Your Child

A play yard, also known as playpen, is an enclosed space that provides the baby a safe place to sleep and play. While the old playpens were basically metal enclosed spaces without any additional bells and whistles, the modern incarnation of a play yard has a host of attractive and useful features. From simple and basic play and nap spaces to full-featured styles with bassinets, changing tables, and storage options, the play yards of today are a truly versatile baby equipment.

Parents prefer these over the traditional cribs as these lightweight play yards are easy to move from one room to another, thanks to the lockable wheels. Moreover, they are easier to fold and can be taken on trips where it provides children a safe and familiar place to sleep and play. As the child grows older, the play yard keeps him/her from wandering into danger. It provides a safe spot for the child to play while you go around doing your daily work. With the types of play yards in the market, choosing the right one that meets your baby’s needs can be overwhelming. To help you in your search, this Buzzle article provides some simple and useful

How to Choose Baby Gate

Quick Tip
Install safety gates when a baby starts crawling, and discontinue its use when he turns four or five years old. A baby gate can no longer be relied as a safety gate once he learns to climb up and opens the gate on his own.
Once your baby starts crawling, you are bound to constantly worry about him/her bumping into trouble. The possibility of a child crawling his way into an unwanted situation is something that gives every parent nightmares. One way to keep your crawling baby safe is by installing safety gates. Made from metal, plastic, or wood, these protective gates prevent crawling toddlers from accessing unsafe areas of the home such as the bathrooms, kitchens, and the stairways. Some of these gates are permanently installed, while others are pressure mounted.

Choosing the right safety gate is essential, as this childproofing necessity can help avoid nasty accidents. This Buzzle article provides some simple tips about the features to consider when selecting a baby gate.

Check the Type of Installation

There are two types of safety gates based on the type of installation―pressure-mounted safety gates and wall-mounted or hardware-mounted safety gates. The difference between the two lies

Safety Tips For Taking A Baby To The Beach

Useful Tip
If you have rented a hotel room, let it be right next to the beach. Do not book it somewhere down the street, because you may have to take frequent visits to the hotel for getting something you have forgotten.
So, your new little bundle of joy has come into your life, and you have planned the very first beach trip with the little one. It’s quite imaginable how excited you would be to take your baby to the beach and watch those little hands and feet splashing water, which will leave a contented smile on your face. But hold on! If you think that this trip of yours will be another beach Sunday spent in relaxation while gazing at the horizon, you might have to rethink. You need to understand that the pre-baby beach trips are way too different from the trip with a baby or toddler. It might be an exhausting day due to the marathon running you would have to do behind your super fast kiddo.

There is every possibility that your zealous little one would want to be in the water for hours and hours, or the little one might hate the sand

Parenting Teenage Girls

What’s perhaps even worse than the dangerous opportunities teen girls are at risk for is the fact that most of them will not talk to their parents about these dangers they face. No matter how good your communication is with your daughter, there are things she will not and cannot tell you, things she needs desperately to tell someone. The answer to this problem is being your daughter’s best friend. One of the most rewarding relationships is when a mother steps forward to mentor her daughter’s best friend.

Mothers and Daughters
Some mothers “cross-mentor” each other’s daughters. Sometimes teenage girls won’t like to discuss their problems with their mother or father. In such circumstances it is best to provide them with a mentor. You must point your daughter toward a trustworthy role model – an aunt, a cousin, a grandmother, a teacher, a friend, or some other responsible caring woman. The most important thing a mentor can do is to listen and to lead by example. She isn’t there to judge, punish or condemn. And as crucial as her role becomes, it is a temporary one – a mentor will never replace a mother.

The mother/daughter bond will remain a

Dealing with Difficult Children

Childhood is a period of wide ranging experiences and emotions. Childhood is about gamboling around parks, riding bicycles, playing with friends, and having a great time. Childhood is about leading a carefree life and discovering the simple everyday joys it has to offer. Childhood is a time when children observe the world around them and involuntarily shape their opinions and ideas based on these observations. Childhood is a malleable age, and hence, every child needs to be handled with utmost care and love – be it from parents, family members, teachers or any other people around the child.

However, not everyone has a picture-perfect childhood. Traumatic experiences like the loss of a parent or a loved one (even a pet), domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, disastrous addictions, or a severe medical condition can scar the innocence of childhood. Even exposure to abusive language and behavior, sibling rivalry or peer pressure, which might seem like trivial issue for some, can have an adverse effect on a child. A child may also have self-esteem issues (for e.g., the fear of failing in a test and not living up to your expectations), may seek attention from a parent, or may actually be disturbed

Steps to Effective Parenting

Being a parent is not an easy job, and bringing up the children in a proper way is even more difficult. Most of the parents are least prepared and often confused about this. For the parents who want to bring up their children more properly and effectively, here are certain steps to effective parenting.

Nurture Your Child’s Self-respect

The way you talk or behave with your child plays an important role in developing his/her self-esteem. Praise your child for his/her achievements and allow him to do the things for himself. This will help him/her in developing self-confidence. Never underestimate him/her or pass any bad comments. And the most important one is, do not ever compare him/her with other children.

Try to be a Good Role Model

Remember, your child learns a lot just by observing you. He/she tries to behave or act like you, and this possibility increases when he/she is younger. Therefore, it is necessary that you model the qualities you want to develop in your child. “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN THE WORDS”, and therefore, instead of speaking, you can teach him/her the qualities like respect, honesty, friendliness, kindness, trust, and tolerance simply by your actions. Do not use aggressive words

Tips for Effective Parent Teacher Communication

It is said that teachers lay the basic foundation in building your child’s successful future. Probably that is why teaching is known as a noble profession. Apart from educating pupils, a teacher’s professional duties extend way beyond just formal teaching. They have the ability to influence a student’s perception. Parents no doubt are equal partners in shaping the future of their kids. Moreover, parental involvement can boost a child’s motivation for learning and develops a positive attitude about the school in general. When parents form an effective partnership with a teacher, they can definitely help their kid do well academically as well as professionally. So, how do you develop a great rapport with the teacher? From the teacher’s perspective, how do you react if a overwrought parent shows up? Given below are tips for both teachers and parents respectively to effectively communicate with each other.

Parent-Teacher Communication Tips

Tips for Teachers

  • When you call on your student’s parents, make sure you are cool and composed. Don’t make it sound serious or like something is really wrong, we need to talk. Remember parents are sure to panic and might scold their kid, after they hang up the phone. Don’t discuss

Tips to Buy a Home for Single Parents

Divorce, broken relationships, death of a parent or teenage pregnancy are the reasons for a parent being put in the position of a single parent. Being a single parent may be a choice you make or a decision you take or circumstances may force you, but there are many like you out there to support you in your endeavor to be a single parent and yet own a home. According to the latest census available (from the US Census Bureau report), the rate in the rise of single parent homes is steady at 9% in US. The trend has seen more women as single parent than men. However, in the recent times men are also seen as single parents. According to statistics available on single parent homes, 14% Australian households were single parent homes and United Kingdom saw 5.9 million families headed by single parents. In other words, such homes are not just a phenomenon in the West, but a global one.

These days there is a increase in the number of single parents opting to buy their own homes. This can be attributed to the thinking that one will repay the loan instead of paying the rent for

Step Parenting

Bette Davis once said “If you have never been hated by your child, then you have never been a parent.” This quote seems as if it’s made specially to ease nervous stepparents. One of the biggest worries that stepparents are hovered with all the time is whether step children will love them or not. Every parent knows that at one point or another they’re going to be hated by their kids. So, relax and think of how much you will love your new kids to make them feel like you are family. A relationship starts when you start loving someone and not when somebody loves you.


Becoming a stepparent is a job of many responsibilities. The first thing you should do is understand the potential problems that could arise. This will help you prepare for any situation. Once you’ve established yourself as a person who is unfazed by all the issues that come along with stepfamilies, you will win the trust and love of the children faster. Remember that accepting a new adult in their life is quite difficult for children, especially when they still love or miss the earlier parent. So, always go easy with stepchildren and do

Parenting a Teenage Daughter

Your daughter is your world and the relation you share with her is above all the relations in the world. But when she stepped into teenage, you started observing change in her behavior. The way she responds to you, the way she dresses and the way she want to live her life has become very different. The things around her have now turned out to be only hers, her life, her friends, her school, everything just belongs to her. She no more gives you that much importance which she used to give before and she has become irritating and stubborn. Though this sounds to be a difficult situation, you can raise your daughter easily by just taking care of few important things.

Understanding Teenage Daughter
Teenage girls become difficult to raise because of their constantly changing mood. They become very moody and rude and want to live their life according to their ways. It becomes very difficult for the parents to understand this situation and as a result of that, parents are usually confused about how to behave with them. In such situations, a mother can play a very important role. She can become her best friend with whom

Tips on Understanding and Dealing With Controlling Parents

Controlling or authoritarian parenting is characterized by the incessant demanding nature of parents, who expect excellent behavior and high standards (could be grades, projects, etc.) from their children. The parent takes all decisions with hardly any scope for input or thought about the child’s preferences. There are no open discussions and the child has to obey the parent’s orders without any explanation or exceptions. If a child fails to do so, he/she will be ‘punished’ even though the child might not be at fault. While the aim is to attain perfection and excellence, the parent often neglects the emotional needs of the child, and there is little laughter or carefree banter and play in the house.

Some parents might control their children through emotional manipulation. On the surface they might appear ‘normal’, but will use silence and love to make the children do what they want. They may instill fear or guilt in the children or tell them that it their obligation to do as the parent demands.

Then there are parents who are simply too involved in their children’s lives. Termed ‘Helicopter Parents’, these parents try to control every aspect of their child’s life, stifling them by being overprotective.

Single Parenting Tips

Parenting calls for sincere dedication, hard work, long hours of running about, less hours of sleep and rest, etc. Single parenting on the other hand calls for everything that parenting calls for, except multiplied by two! Being a single parent, be it a mother or father, can be quite nerve-wracking. It calls for taking crucial decisions single-handedly, without being able to rest the responsibility on another shoulder. Moreover, being the bread winner, juggling between work and home can be quite a handful! Then there are times when the child misses the absent parent, and the single parent is left struggling to fill that void in the child’s heart. All this can be extremely tiring; both physically and emotionally.

Tips for Single Parenting

  • Try to give as much time as possible to your child. This may sound easy, but difficult for a single mom or dad to practice. However, to make this a reality, you need to get help. Take the help of your parents, relatives, friends, etc., to manage your house, so that you’re left with time to spend with your child. Help your child with his/her homework, read stories, etc. Spending time nourishes your child’s emotional health.
  • Get

Parenting Tips for Infants

There are probably not a lot of feelings that can equal to or compete with the feeling of being parents. To see your baby wrapped in a fluffy blanket and knowing that you made that happen has got to evoke pretty strong emotions within you. But along with the euphoria that sweeps a couple after the baby’s arrival, there is also a lot of responsibility that is brought along with being parents. The responsibility of shaping your kids’ future and making them responsible citizens of society, capable of taking care of themselves means that you need to have effective parenting techniques in place.

While parenting is a lifelong process, in the following article, we will focus on some parenting tips for infants and what it involves.

Sleeping Patterns
Infants sleep lighter, lesser, fussier, and shorter. Understand that an infant’s sleep patterns have a light sleep-deep sleep and quick waking theme to them. That is why many parents find it difficult to put their baby to sleep instantly and then keep him in that state. Use motion to put the baby to sleep (rocking, swinging, patting) and allow the baby at least 20 minutes of sleep before you put him/her down.

Parenting Tips for Toddlers

Every toddler has to be treated differently, as they all come with different set of tantrums and troubles. Though a toddler can drive you at your wits end, it is important that you keep a positive outlook to bring out the best in your child. Between the age of 2-3 your child is likely to experience a lot of emotional, intellectual, and social changes. This is the time when toddlers get introduced to the idea of socializing at day cares or in play groups. They begin to push their comfort zones and start exploring new places and people. Since it is their first time into the ‘real world’, as a parent, patience is the virtue that you need to learn. Here are a few more parenting tips, that will help you bring up a responsible and a happy child.

Tips for Effective Parenting

Bath Discipline
The fear of water which is especially seen during bath time is very common amongst toddlers. To get your child into bath discipline try out different things to allure him/her to the bathtub. For instance, toys, bubble baths, coloring agents, stories, music, and other such activities divert their attention from their fears. Ask your child